Monday, February 23, 2009

Origin of Cnacer

For centuries people have wondered about the cause of cancer. Its name derives from an observation by Hippocrates more than 2,300 years ago that the long, distended veins that radiate out from some breast tumors look like the limbs of a crab. From that observation came the term karkinoma in Greek, and later, cancer in Latin.

With the work of Hooke in the 1600s, and then Virchow in the 1800s, came the understanding that living tissues are composed of cells, and that all cells arise as direct descendants of other cells. Yet, this understanding raised more questions about cancer than it answered. Now scientists began to ask from what kinds of normal cells cancer cells arise, how cancer cells differ from their normal counterparts, and what events promote the proliferation of these abnormal cells. And physicians began to ask how cancer could be prevented or cured.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

कैंसर pains

The love we feel for our partner is something very personal and different with each individual/couple; when that same individual is in death threatening and painful breast cancer, then this valentine season will definitely be a more trying one for you, unless your awareness level of breast cancer is very much higher than the average and you are a very creative and highly loved guy.
For people affected by breast cancer, or any other cancer for that matter, overcoming pain can be a major part of dealing with the disease and its treatment. Pain is a common side effect of treatment and also a side effect of cancer. Sure the new vaccine is hoped will be effective in destroying HER2-positive tumors, but it’s still been tested on mice.
Aspirin, Tylenol, NSAIDs, Advil, Motrin, opioids and coanalgesics alone will not do the work as they are normal and everyday occurrence or routine for the patient and you can bet your happiness that she wants to feel different on that special day; this brings us to the issue of affectionate-creativity, how do you make a woman in pain feel fine and happy with herself? Do not think am going to give you a magic formula, because if I have one I would most probably package and sell it for very high price, so lets get that clear, I do not have any magic formula.
What one can do though is to consider the type of person your partner is, what makes her thick and apply a lot of affection, ability for you to be constantly looking arround for anything better, accompanied with intense creative awareness as well as fasting and prayer for divine guidance, believe me you will need it as a nonnegotiable option.
If all goes well, the reward will be worth it. The pain they go through can only be imagined by those of us who don’t feel it.
For in the end, it’s the spirit and the efforts put into showing our loved ones that they are special to us and that we appreciate them and hold them in high esteem that really make us inseparable!